A souvenir from vacation


31 August 2020

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After a wonderful vacation and relaxation, we want to take with us the souvenir of the holiday. Apart from the rich gastronomic offer, nightlife, beaches, Vodice also abounds in indigenous souvenirs.

Here are some suggestions on what to bring with you from Vodice and the surrounding area.

Dalmacijana, Gift shop & souvenirs


The souvenir shop offers traditional handicrafts such as linen hats, pillows for carrying heavy loads on the head, numerous works by local artists and manufacturers. You can find a unique souvenir with a recognizable view of Vodice. All packaging is exclusively made of biodegradable material, so this souvenir shop can boast of a “plastic free shop”.


Babina Kužina


In Babina kužina (eng. grandmother’s kitchen), try homemade liqueurs, brandies and jams. All naturally grown from the Aralica family farm. The kitchen can accommodate up to six visitors at a time. Sweeten your palate and delight your loved ones with a unique product.

A souvenir from vacation



Souvenir shop equipped with “hand made” handicrafts, beautiful design. Bring a unique bag, lamp or earrings. It is possible to order custom made product.


OPG Šmit


It is located on the island of Prvić and there are famous products called Puntarski dvori. Balms, creams, oils, liqueurs, teas and olive oil can be found at the Schmidt family. If you like natural cosmetics, OPG Šmit is the right choice.


Dida Božo


The wealth and well-being of figs is recognized in the Dida Božo brand. Lines of organic jams and spreads are produced. These products are also available through the web shop.

OPG Bulat


Here you will find perfect products from nature, the elixir of life known since ancient times. Of course it is homemade honey. Visit the address of Mr. Ante Bulat and try the top quality honey.


Handicrafts Lipa


Here are hidden original and valuable handicrafts Ms. Kuštović has preserved from oblivion the skill of making folk costumes and its elements. The Lipa workshop is located on the island of Prvić. Visit and take with you a piece of the tradition of this area.

For your accommodation in Vodice choose apartments Villa TaMana. The friendly staff is at your disposal. They will be very happy to refer you to a souvenir from vacation and handicrafts so that you can return from Vodice with unforgettable memories from your vacation.