Active Vacation in Vodice


09 July 2020

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For all adventure lovers, Vodice is a real little oasis.
Whether you are an athlete or a recreational user, active vacation in Vodice offers diving, big-game fishing, cycling, sailing, kayaking, and more.



Diving was once associated with man’s need for food and later material goods. With the advancement of technology, diving has become a popular activity. Before embarking on a diving adventure, the most important thing is to be well informed. When this is done, all that remains is to enjoy the endless blue of the sea and the rich underwater world.


Diving centers, located in Vodice, will allow you to explore archaeological sites and the remains of ships that were unlucky to reach their destination. Find diving clubs in Vodice here.

Big Game Fishing


Big Game Fishing is a form of sport fishing, with the goal of catching big fish, such as tuna or swordfish. Hunting takes place on the high seas and requires physical fitness. This experience remains in the memory, and in order to engage in this type of fishing, several things are needed. First of all a ship with sufficient capacity, buoyancy, speed, stability and ability to transport. The ship must be able to receive a large amount of equipment and catches, and the safety of the crew is mandatory. A permit is required for recreational and sport fishing in the Republic of Croatia. Permission can also be obtained online. For adventurers, competitive spirit, Vodice offers several boats that will give you an unforgettable experience. Find out more about the boats you can use in big game fishing here.



For cycling lovers, Vodice offers 15 groomed and marked trails, almost 300 kilometers long. There are nine easy recreational, five moderately demanding and one that belongs to the category of the most demanding trails.


In Vodice you can rent a bike, repair it and take it to a service center or join bicycle tours and excursions. Enjoy nature and have a completely different experience of Vodice and surrounding places. Find out more here.

Sailing and kayaking


Vodice offers various schools of water sports. Perfect your sailing skills, regardless of wind direction. Learn to master a sailboat in often turbulent conditions at sea, strong winds or other weather conditions. Or discover Vodice by the sea while enjoying kayaking. Find out more about sailing school and kayaking here.

Other activities


Whether from land, sea, or air, Vodice always looks beautiful. To experience all three perspectives our suggestions are windsurfing, parasailing, trekking, Nordic walking, climbing, and boat rental. Find out more about these activities here.


Whatever form of active vacation in Vodice you choose, you won’t go wrong.
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