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16 April 2020

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Only 15km from Vodice is the town of Šibenik. A beautiful little town with two UNESCO-protected monuments. A city full of history and host to numerous international festivals. Here are some suggestions for what to visit in Šibenik.

Cathedral of St. James


The cathedral was built through the 15th and 16th centuries. During the centennial period of construction, three styles of construction have changed: Gothic, Gothic-Renaissance and Renaissance. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000. It is one of the most significant and beautiful architectural achievements in Croatia, and it is special for it is built only of stone without the use of binder. The most important builders of the cathedral are Juraj Dalmatinac and Nikola Firentinac. The cathedral leaves no one indifferent. Its distinctive dome is a symbol of the city of Šibenik.



Šibenik is surrounded with four fortresses. They used to serve in the defense against the attacks of the Turks, and today they adorn this city and attract a large number of visitors. These beauties are a fusion of historical and modern elements. The first one is the fortress of St. Michael. It is considered to be the oldest fortress in Sibenik, built in the 11th century. It served to prevent the entry of enemies into the Bay of Sibenik and the Krka River Canyon. Today it serves for the maintenance of numerous music-stage and cultural-artistic programs. Recognized as a attraction, it attracts a large number of visitors. Second on the list is Barone Fortress. It is also known by the name of Šubićevac fort. In history, it has played an important role in defending the city from Turkish attacks.

It uses modern technology to show visitors its history in a unique and fun way. The third fortress is the fortress of St. Ivana. It is located near Barone Fortress and is of stellar shape. It has also played an important role in the defense of the city in history. It is currently under reconstruction.

Interesting fact, it served as an attractive scenery to capture some of the scenes of the world-popular series Game of Thrones. And the fourth fortress is the fortress of St. Nicholas. The only fortress on the sea, triangular in shape, which, because of its specialty, has been placed on the UNESCO list of protection of cultural heritage. Its lower part is made of white stone and its upper part is of brick. The fort can be reached from land and sea.

cities around vodice - šibenik

Civitas Sacra


The Civitas Sacra Interpretation Center opened in 2019 at the Galbiani Palace in Sibenik’s Old Town. This beautiful four-storey building is a blend of sacral and secular historical heritage. The exhibition is designed to place the visitor in the role of a pilgrim, who first emphasizes the material part of the story, after which the attention is slowly focused on the spiritual dimension. This center is dedicated to the UNESCO Memorial of the Cathedral of Sts. James. It presents history in a very modern and interesting way.



Promenade through the canal of St. Ante


The promenade is 4.5 km long. Here you can explore the former cove under military administration, Paninkovac Cove and on the other hand the fortress of Sv. Nicholas. In addition to the fortress and military buildings, the promenade also hides the cave of St. Ante with the underground chapel, after which she was named. The locals here enjoy recreation, crystal clear sea and beautiful pine forests. Make sure you take the time to explore this part of Sibenik.

Medieval garden hidden in the courtyard of the monastery of St. Lawrence


Monastery gardens are a rarity. Garden in the courtyard of the monastery of st. Lawrence was almost forgotten. It was renovated in 2007 and is surrounded by numerous Mediterranean and spicy herbs. When you come to the old town, visit this beautiful garden and cool down with a drink at a nearby bar.

Four wells


Throughout history, the people of Šibenik have struggled with the shortage of drinking water in the summer. They often went by boat to Vodice, although it was not of the best quality. Thus, the problem was tried to be solved by the construction of the city’s largest water supply facility near the Cathedral of St. Jacob, Four Wells. Although there were four wells on the plateau, they all together were getting fatter from one space.

The whole complex has been renovated in recent years, making ‘4 wells’ one of the most beautiful Sibenik’s attractions today.

Beach Banj


Beautiful city beach overlooking the old town. Just a ten-minute walk from the center, there is a sandy beach with many amenities for adults and children.


When you catch the time, head to Sibenik and explore every corner of it.
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