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09 April 2020

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Three interesting cities around Vodice are Split, Zadar and Sibenik. Each is unique in its own way.  They are cities that make Adriatic coast more beautiful, what makes them similar are their specific monuments which are under UNESCO protection.


We bring you what to visit in this city at the foot of Marjan.

Diocletian’s Palace


Split is mentioned at the turn of the 3rd to the 4th century, when the Roman emperor Diocletian decided to build a palace on the peninsula and spend his old age peacefully. Later on, today’s Split slowly evolved from this palace, which is the second largest city in Croatia. It was added to the UNESCO list in 1979. It is one of the best preserved monuments of Roman architecture. Parts of the palace are Peristyle, which is today also the capital’s city square. Below the palace are the so-called Cellars, which have been renovated and are used for numerous cultural events. The Diocletian’s Palace also houses the Cathedral of St. Dujma which is also the mausoleum of Emperor Diocletian.

split - cities around vodice
split - cities around vodice

Marjan Park


The Marjan peninsula is located west of Riva and the Palace. Almost all of Marjan was declared park forest in 1964. The beautiful greenery of Marjan hides many old churches. The Church of St. Benedict, of which only parts of the wall remained until today. Then the church of st. Stephen, one of the pre-Romanesque churches. Probably the most interesting is the church of St. Jerome with a cave area where hermits hid when they sought peace. When you visit Split, definitely take your time and visit this beautiful park.

Old town of Split


In the old town of Split, taste the life as local. Markets, cafes, restaurants and shops are all step away and all that makes the city and its residents so unique. Walk down the Marmont Street and stop by Riva.

Cathedral of St. Duje


Cathedral of St. Duje is also the mausoleum of the Roman emperor Diocletian. In the mid-7th century, altars were erected with relics of Saint Dumas and Stas, martyrs who were executed in Solin. The cathedral is today a liturgical site. The bell tower of the cathedral is the most original Dalmatian medieval building. It was restored at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century. Be sure to climb to the top of the bell tower and enjoy the view of the beautiful city of Split.

split - cities around vodice



After touring the sights, head down to the famous Riva. It is the center of events of Split life. The most popular and important public space. Riva changed its appearance several times.


This pedestrian paradise, where there are plenty of restaurants and cafes, is the perfect place to sip coffee or go out and have a drink with your friends. Explore and find out why this is the favourite place of many people.

Bacvice Beach


The main city beach where you can interact with the locals and play the popular “picigin” with them. It’s a game of throwing a ball and trying to grasp it with your palm. This beach game, was invented in this cove.


Bačvice are a protected cultural heritage. Take a dip in the sea and enjoy the social life that this beautiful sandy beach offers.

split - cities around vodice

From Vodice you can easily reach Split, or any other of cities around Vodice by highway. Don’t worry, our friendly staff will help you explore this city as much as possible.


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