Holidays in Vodice


28 February 2020

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We are getting closer to the warm, long days and we can already imagine ourselves walking barefoot on the hot sand. We have nothing left to do but plan a holidays in Vodice. For all those looking for adventure, vacations, delicious delicacies, and beautiful sandy beaches, Vodice is a must-see destination. This beautiful Dalmatian town, located 11km from Sibenik, offers a diverse tourist offer. It has a rich history and acclaimed awards for its efforts and investment in tourism content. Visitors who come back from year to year witness this.



If you are an adventurer and visitor looking for recreation, we recommend going to one of the many diving centers. Play tennis, football or water polo or just enjoy the sun.
The city of Vodice boasts well-maintained cycle paths for those who like light riding and those who like to test their endurance limits.

Sand beaches


Life on Vodice beaches begins and ends at sunrise. The two most famous beaches in Vodice are Blue Beach and Hangar. Both adults and children will find this fun on those. There are deck chairs in the sun and pine shade, numerous bars and water facilities. Eat delicious ice cream or drink a sweet cocktail with the best rhythms of music. Dance and forget about all your worries.



In the vicinity of Vodice, there are Krka National Park and Kornati National Park which will be very easy to reach from the sea or land sides. Excursion boats await their departure from the waterfront. You must by no means omit to explore the untouched nature, the crystal clear sea and the eighty-nine islands, islets, and rocks. The Krka National Park consists of a network of bridges and trails that allow a comfortable and safe walk when visiting lakes and waterfalls. Take enough time to tour this natural phenomenon.

The Kornati National Park, on the other hand, provides a unique experience of the inhospitable nature and rockiness of the stone. If you haven’t already, it’s time to discover why boaters see this as a real treat.

After a day of swimming and sunbathing, relax with the music on the beach. Nightlife will not leave anyone indifferent. Numerous clubs and cafes are packed with events.

Vodice hosts several festivals, most notably the CMC and the JAZZ Festival. Our recommendation is to spend holidays in Vodice during the Vodice Festival. A central entertainment event is known for its rich music program and fantastic midnight fireworks. We guarantee you a great time and a waterfront full of people.

Delicious delicacies


For gourmets, we have a real small gastronomic fortune. By blending tradition and modern dishes, you won’t be hungry. Try some of the traditional dishes that have been in the area for many years. Pair delicious Mediterranean delicacies with fine wines from this region. Apart from the specific dishes, the offer does not lag behind the desserts. We will highlight croutons, fritters and candied almonds. It’s up to you to choose your menu.



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