Island of Zlarin - The jewel of the Šibenik archipelago


22 May 2020

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The jewel of the Šibenik archipelago, the island of Zlarin, also known as the coral island, is one of the sunniest islands in the Adriatic. Interesting to tourists because of its flora and fauna, and the opportunities it offers for vacation. Of the many interesting historical events, beaches that leave you breathless but also sporting events, the island of Zlarin has it all, and for those who love literature, this island will have a special meaning because it is the home of our famous poet Vesna Parun.


The island of Zlarin is also known as a green island


The island of Zlarin is also known as a green island, and that epithet was given because of the combination of olives, sea, and greenery that stretches along the entire island. It is a perfect place to connect with nature and take a break from the hectic lifestyle. It is also interesting that there are no cars on the island, so the enjoyment of natural benefits is even greater.


Historical sights of the island


The Baroque central parish church on Zlarin is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Inside, it hides the relics of Saint Fortunato – a martyr from the Crusades. There is a well in front of the church, some say that the water source passes under the main altar.


Historically important for the island of Zlarin is the church of Our Lady of Raselj, which is located outside the center of the island. It contains the greatest cultural wealth of Zlarin, it is the first matriculation – written in Chakavian or Latin from 1456. The feast of Our Lady of Raselj is celebrated on the eighth of July.


One of the sunniest islands in the Adriatic is also known for its beaches, on the island you can enjoy the pebble beaches surrounded by crystal clear sea, but besides them, there are a large number of wild beaches for those who want to find peace and solitude on the island.


Red Corals from the island of Zlarin


What makes the island of Zlarin recognizable in the world are the corals. In appearance a plant, a mineral in calcareous bone composition, and in reality an animal. According to legend, corals are divine creatures, and it is this divine origin that is reflected in their beauty. The most beautiful coral is considered to be the Red Coral, which is also a valuable treasure of the Adriatic Sea, and symbolizes love, loyalty, fidelity, and obedience.


The island still preserves the traditional way of making famous and valuable jewelry from coral – small animals that are petrified as soon as they are taken out of the sea. In the past, corals were given to newborns as a gift and were also believed to protect against spells.

For years, the “Coral Farewell” event has been organized in the summer months, reviving a tradition from the past when men went on their boats “Gajeta” to hunt famous corals for several months.


Klepac Hill


The island of Zlarin is a great choice for those who like to spend their time actively in nature, Klepac hill is the highest point on the island (169 m), a beautiful walk along the trail, that ends with amazing view on the volcanic island of Jabuka and on the other side Velebit mountain, gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy all the natural beauties.


An island without plastic


It is also interesting that the project Zlarin – an island without plastic was recently initiated on the island with the aim of making people aware of the harmfulness of using disposable plastic products. The inhabitants of the island accepted this very well and the project came to life completely, which means that in the near future the island of Zlarin could be the first island in Croatia without plastic.


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