Krapanj - the smallest populated island


06 May 2020

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About twenty kilometers from Vodice is located island of Krapanj, the smallest inhabited island. It is only 300 meters away from the land, and is also the lowest island, rich in history and tradition. For all those who love diving, sponge fishing and fishing, this is the right place to visit.


You can reach Krapanj by ferry from the port of Brodarica. When you arrive, you will step into the world of stone houses and narrow streets. On one part of Krapanj there are small houses, and the other part has untouched pine forests.


The island has two souvenir shops and a gallery of sponges, where you can find out all about the history of sponges extraction, processing and you can buy this unique souvenir. Residents of the island have been dealing with sponge craft for years.


In a small family hotel, there is a Diving Museum. Here you can see old diving equipment, heavy diving suits and the first 19th century hyperbaric chamber. Or embark on a diving adventure. There is also a diving center that offers theoretical training with an indoor pool, trial diving, night diving, wreck diving, diving trips, bottle filling and more.


Krapanj also preserves the church of St. Cross with monastery and museum from the 16th century. The monastery was built for the needs of the Bosnian Vicariate. Inside the monastery is Renaissance styled well. The museum is rich in paintings, incunabula and other legacies that are definitely worth a visit.


The most interesting event of the year is the women’s race with “Gajeta” boats. Women rowing is a act that maintain a tradition that testifies hard work of women of Krapanj in the past. As males were involved in extracting sponges, often women were alone with their children and did all the chores. This regatta is being held on a day called Our Lady of the Angels, August 1st.


The oil mill of St. Lovre from 1584 where one can see how olive oil was produced. Today it is often the venue for an evening of poetry and other cultural and artistic events.


To make it as easy as possible to come to the island of Krapanj and visit everything you are interested in,
contact the staff of Villa TaMana who will gladly assist you.