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Murter - the largest island of the Šibenik archipelago


23 July 2020

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The island of Murter is the largest island in the Šibenik archipelago. It has been connected with town Tisno with bridge since the 19th century, and has modernized over time. The bridge is of the lifting type, thus enabling road and sea traffic. The island is only 20 kilometers away from Vodice.


There are four picturesque places on the island of Murter: Murter, Tisno, Jezera and Betina. Murter has been inhabited since ancient times, as evidenced by the remains of medieval and ancient buildings. The first inhabitants were the Illyrians.


The island abounds in beaches. It is the closest location to the Kornati islands, so you often start tour through the Kornati islands from Murter. It is often called the “Gate of Kornati”. Murter is the right place to enjoy the natural beauty with the few gastronomic delicacy. You should visit the fortress of Turet, walk through the city center, climb the lookout and learn more about traditional boats – gajeta.

Fortress of Turet


The fort was built by Emperor Justinian in the 6th century. It is assumed that it had a military function. The goal of the fort was to protect the waterway. It is one of the better preserved examples of Byzantine construction. The view of the Kornati archipelago and the Adriatic Sea are the reason why you should visit it.




Gajetes were way transportation that connected the local population with the mainland and other islands. To this day, they have retained their original form. They are made of wood and have a sail. They used to move by wind and human strength, by rowing. Find out more about gajetas, their making and their role throughout history at the museum in Betina.

Raduč Hill


Murter hides several lookouts, but the one that is unavoidable, also the highest lookout is located on the hill Raduč. A well-maintained path leads to the top, and in addition to the view, you will also be intrigued by the tunnels that played an important role through II. World War.


City centre


The center of Murter has been preserved throughout history. Explore and visit the church of Sv. Duha built in the 16th century, and the Church of Our Lady of Health which was built in the Mediterranean Baroque style. By walking, you will get to know how life used to be and what it looks like on this day.



After the tour, refresh yourself on one of the following beaches: Čigrađa, Luka, Slanica or Podvrške. Čigrađa beach is located in a small cove about 2 km from the center. It is pebbly and easy to reach by car. Ideal for families, it offers a variety of facilities.


Its only drawback is the lack of shade, so it is good to bring an parasol. In the village of Murter is the beach Luka. Also a pebble beach. Very affordable since it is located in the center. This beach is full of content.

Slanica beach is similar to Luka beach, accessible, pebble and rich in content for the whole family. The beach that is mostly visited by the locals is Podvrške beach. It can be reached on foot, by bike or by car. The sea is crystal clear, turquoise in color. Whichever beach you choose, you will find something for yourself, have a good time and relax.



When you visit everything that Vodice has to offer, spend a wonderful day on the island of Murter. Explore, relax and sweeten your palate at one of the local restaurants.

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