Nature parks near Vodice


28 February 2020

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A few kilometers from Vodice is Vransko Jezero Nature Park and Telascica Nature Park.

Telascica Nature Park


For cruise lovers, first of nature parks near Vodice, Telaščica, and its bay is the safest hiding place for ships. Boaters rest here in the bay. The view towards Telaščica is beautiful from the steep rocks downwards and from the sea towards the top of the cliff. This nature park is full of bays, capes, and cliffs. On the rocks under the sea live corals. It’s home to a number of good dolphins that you might catch if you shut down the boat’s engine and stop for a moment. Telaščica conceals Lake Mir. 

In summer, the lake is warmer than the sea. It is colder in winter because the lake is shallow. Peace Bay has its own special inhabitants. These are the donkeys who have found their freedom here, after they no longer served man to work. Telaščica covers a great deal of plant and animal diversity, as well as cultural and historical heritage.

The Vransko Jezero Nature Park


If you are a cycling fan, we have a real treat for you. The second one of nature parks near Vodice is The Vransko Jezero. Nature Park contains a forty-kilometer long trail through which you will learn about all the benefits of this lake. Apart from having a Mediterranean climate, it is difficult to determine whether it is located by the sea or by the sea. Interestingly, the water level of the lake is above sea level and the bottom is below.

By its location and numerous features, this lake is unique in Croatia. It is home to many birds that have found refuge here. The most valuable part of the park is the ornithological reserve. In it, many birds travel and feed on cold to warmer regions and vice versa. For those who enjoy walking around the lake, we recommend visiting the Kamenjak lookout.  From there you can see the lake itself and the Dalmatian islands. We can say that Vransko Jezero is great for those undecided.

Because of the accommodation are very close to the Dalmatian islands and the sea, on the other hand it offers peace and a completely different experience of nature.  If it’s not just up to the sun and the sea, this is the right choice for you. Villa TaMana staff will be very happy to help you reach these destinations.