Terms Of Use


 The subject of this agreement is defining the relationship between Villa TaMana, address: 22211 Vodice, Stanka Mićina 26, Croatia, Mobile phone number: 00385915216095, e-mail: villatamana@gmail.com (hereinafter: Villa TaMana) on one hand, and the accommodation user (hereinafter: Guest) on the other during the process of booking accommodation via the web page 

villa-tamana.com. With the payment of an advance payment for the booking of accommodation for the requested period, the Guest unconditionally accepts these General Business Terms and Conditions. Villa TaMana reserves the right to make changes to these General Business Terms and Conditions, which will be published on the web page of Villa TaMana, https://villa-tamana.com,

and which shall enter into force on the day that they are published.


 The agreement between the Guest and the owner of Villa TaMana enters into force at the moment the binding booking is made. From that moment onwards, the rights and obligations of the parties to the agreement shall be regulated by these General Business Terms and Conditions and applied to the Guest and the owners of Villa TaMana. The Guest confirms the booking with the payment of an advance payment in the amount of 50% of the final accommodation price within 3 days. Upon the receipt of the advance payment, a booking confirmation will be sent to the Guest via e-mail.



 Unless stated otherwise, all prices are listed in EUR per night. Utilities such as water, power, Internet expenses, garage parking, laundry of linens, towels and kitchen towels and exterior maintenance are all included in the price, unless otherwise stated in the description of the accommodation unit. The price also includes the residence tax, which varies depending on the season. The minimum stay is 3 nights. In case of early departure, the Guest is obliged to pay full amount stated in the binding booking.


 Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, the Guest is obliged to pay an advance payment in the amount of 50% of the full accommodation price within 3 days in order to confirm the booking. The remaining amount Guest shall pay in cash on the day of arrival. For bookings made within 21 days prior to arrival, the total booking amount must be paid within the following 24 hours. If the Guest fails to pay advance payment of 50% within 3 days upon receiving booking confirmation or full payment in next 24 hours for bookings made in less than 21 days prior day of arrival, the booking shall be considered cancelled. Booking shall be considered confirmed upon receipt of the advance payment.


 In case of cancellation of a booking, the following provisions shall be applied: the Guest shall pay 50% of the total accommodation price in case that cancellation is made within last 30 days prior the day of arrival and in case of bookings made within period less than 21 days prior arrival, full price. For Guest which cancel their booking timely in period of more than 30 days prior the day of arrival, Villa TaMana will return payment in full. In case of no-show, Villa TaMana keeps the right of no any refunds. 



 The Guest is obliged to adhere to the House Rules. Failing to adhere to the House Rules shall be considered a severe violation of the provisions of the agreement, in case of which the owner is entitled to termination of the lease agreement, which shall enter into force immediately, without a notice period, upon which the Guest shall be obliged to, within 2 (two) hours, permanently leave the property with all persons residing there, without any right to refund of the paid accommodation price.


 Upon arrival, the Guest is obliged to hand over their personal documents for the purpose of registration. Arrival time is from 14:00 p.m. while departure time is before 10:00 a.m. On arrival, the Guest shall pay remaining amount of booking in cash. In case the Guest wishes to extend their stay, they are obliged to notify the representative of Villa TaMana of this, so that the representative may inform them about the availability of the house.


 During their stay, the Guest is obliged to treat the accommodation facility and its equipment with due care. If the Guest fails to adapt their behaviour to comply with the House Rules even after receiving a warning, they shall lose their right to the booked accommodation and are obliged to, without any delay and without any right to refund, vacate Villa TaMana. The Guest is obliged to immediately report any damages or defects incurred or observed by them to the representative of Villa TaMana. In this manner, the damages or defects shall be remedied as soon as possible, without any negative effect on the quality of the accommodation. The Guest is liable for all damages and defects that have been incurred by them. The same shall apply if the accommodation unit cannot be rented to the following Guest due to damage, uncleanliness or missing equipment. The representative of Villa TaMana shall charge the Guest for any damages or defects on the spot upon inspection of accommodation on moment of departure.


 The Guest is obliged to conscientiously use the accommodation unit and its inventory. On the day of departure, the accommodation unit must be left in the same condition that it was when the Guest arrived. If visible defects are not reported immediately upon arrival, it shall be held that the accommodation unit has been handed over in good condition. If defects occur during the stay of the Guest, the guest is obliged to report these defects to the representative of Villa TaMana without any delay. If the Guest voluntarily vacates the accommodation facility and finds other accommodation without giving Villa TaMana enough time to resolve the problem that has caused the dissatisfaction of the Guest, the Guest shall lose their right to a refund regardless of whether the reasons for the Guest’s departure are founded or not.


 Villa TaMana obliges to hand the accommodation unit over to the use of the Guest in a good and clean condition for the duration of the booked period in accordance with the accommodation unit description. If the accommodation unit does not correspond to its description on the web page, the representatives of Villa TaMana shall do everything in their power to remedy any deficiencies. Villa TaMana is not liable in case of damage or loss incurred by:

• the actions or omissions of the Guest and their companions;

• unforeseeable omissions of third parties that are not involved in the provision of the accommodation   services stated in the booking;

• force majeure or events that could not have been foreseen or avoided by the owner;

• burglary and theft.