Tribunj - Traditional Donkey Race


29 May 2020

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Just a few kilometers from Vodice, a beautiful Dalmatian town called Tribunj is placed. There is a well-maintained bicycle path From Vodice to Tribunj. Along the trail, you will visit a kilometer-long natural beach between Tribunj and Vodice.


Tribunj has been called Jurjevgrad since the founding of the Šibenik diocese from the 13th century to the 17th century. This name came from the fort on the hill above Tribunj, where today is the church of St. Nicholas. The name comes from the word Trebunj or Trebić, from the name for the autumn sun god of the pagan Croats.



Tribunj spread from the mainland to an island connected by a bridge at the time of the Turkish attack. It consists of cute compact stone houses. Among the sights, you should visit the oldest church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the 15th century. Mass is celebrated only on September 8, the feast of the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. One of the most recognizable motifs of Tribunj is the church of St. Nicholas, which is located on the same hill within the place. According to the church of St. Nicholas, the Stations of the Cross were set up. The youngest church of the Assumption was built of white stone in the 19th century. It is protected as a cultural monument.


A cargo monument was placed at the entrance to Tribunj. As a sign of gratitude to this noble animal who in the past painstakingly helped the man is hard work. Only the people of Tribunj have the right to participate, and the winner is the one who runs the core of the place first on a donkey. The beginning and finish are Pijaca Square, while the “race track” consists of a stone bridge and a road around the peninsula. The race is definitely worth a visit. Fun is guaranteed because this stubborn animal most often doesn’t even want to move from the finish line, so it’s really hard to win first place.


For all information when the donkey race is held, and how to get to Tribunj from Vodice, contact the staff of Villa TaMana. It will be very happy to help you find out everything that interests you.