Uninhabited islands of the Šibenik archipelago


06 August 2020

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Near Vodice there are beautiful uninhabited islands of the Šibenik archipelago. All you need is a boat.
Set out to explore Tijat, Zmajan and Kakan.

The island of Tijat is located south of Vodice. In the past, it was covered with forest and arable land. Today it is inhabited by mouflons. Which can be seen running around the island. One of the sights is the large iron cross. Various legends are associated with it. Tijat attracts a large number of boats.


Favorite picnic area and the anchorage is the bay Tijašćica which is located on the south side of the island. It is also the only safe anchorage for boats. Here you can anchor on a buoy and refresh yourself at the bar. The neighboring uninhabited island is Zmajan. Surrounded by turquoise sea, unfortunately there are no safe anchorages.

Beautiful to enjoy the sea and the sun, it used to be full of vines and olives. An islet that with its natural beauty will not leave anyone indifferent. Kakan Island is located near Kaprije. Kakan is a favorite destination and picnic spot for boaters, who love peace, quiet and untouched nature. It is best known for the bay Potkućina.


This is another of the many uninhabited anchorages of the Šibenik archipelago, which looks more like a large lagoon, green and blue. There are also buoys in the bay, which are well protected from the wind, so you can enjoy the joys of summer without worries.

For more information, where to rent a boat and how to get to the desired islands, contact the friendly staff of Villa TaMana who is at your disposal. Enjoy your vacation and explore the untouched beauties of this area.