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11 March 2020

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When you are bored lying on the beach, start exploring, visit national parks. It’s definitely a great start! In the vicinity of Vodice are Krka National Park and Kornati National Park. Each offers its own experience and story to explore. They are very easy to reach from land and sea. Vodice offers many excursion boats that sail from the waterfront to Krka and the Kornati islands.


Find out why Krka National Park is one of the most visited national parks in Croatia

The Krka National Park is only 23km away from Vodice. This beautiful natural phenomenon consists of seven magnificent waterfalls. The flow of the Krka River is of a variable temperament, so it is on parts of the treasure and timid, while in the rest it shows its strength and power. This is why it has had a great impact on life throughout history.
Mills and watermills were built from the drinking water source, which made life easier for the local population. You can get to know Krka through numerous educational and cycling trails and viewpoints. The longest educational hiking trail connects Stinice – Roški Waterfall – The Walled Cave. The trail is eight and a half miles long.
Krka preserves as many as ten endemic animal species, as well as one thousand twenty-two species and subspecies of plants. The most visited are Skradinski buk and Roški waterfall. What should not be overlooked are the Cave of Wall, which testifies to the presence of life since ancient times.

visit national parks

Then the island of Visovac, a sacral object of the Franciscans located in the middle course of the Krka River. The monastery has an archaeological collection, a collection of historical church attire and utensils, and a rich library. The pearl of ancient history, the Roman military camp Burnum, is located on the right side of the coast. During the archaeological excavations, numerous finds were found that were exhibited in the archaeological collection of the Eco campus of Puljane.
The amphitheater could accommodate from six to ten thousand visitors, and today the Burnum Ides are held there. This event revives history and customs during the reign of the Romans. There are so many reasons to visit Krka. These beautiful blue lines of the Dalmatian Karst, the rich sound of life of the waters, the natural beauty and uniqueness will make you come back again.


The legend of the creation of the Kornati  from the white rocks


The Kornati islands are a real treat for boaters. These eighty-nine islands and rocks form the most indented island group in the Mediterranean. Life has never been easy here. The inhospitable and stingy stone forced the locals to work hard and painstakingly. Most of the Kornati are delighted with their appearance. The islands are divided into two series, the Kornati and the Piskera serie. Man changed the appearance of the islands over time. The lean greenery fed the sheep. Perennial soil exploitation has transformed the space into a bare rock. The Kornati islands came and went from time to time. There are about 300 houses in total. All estates are private and fenced off with drywall. The entire surface of the national park is covered with as many as three hundred kilometers of drywall. 

This testifies to the perseverance and joy of the Dalmatian man.  The Kornati islands are also rich in marine blue, rich in flora and fauna. There are as many as 9 orchid species on this karst. This area attracts a large number of boaters because it provides a safe haven and a beauty that is difficult to describe in words. That is why legend has it that after the creation of the world, God spilled the remaining white rocks into the sea and realized that there was nothing to repair. 


Visit National Parks and experience the perfect blend of nature and man in a new, unique way.