What to visit in Vodice


24 March 2020

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What to visit in Vodice?


Here are some suggestions what to visit in Vodice.
In addition to its entertainment facilities, Vodice has numerous archeological sites and a rich cultural heritage.
We are sure some of this will attract you.

Church ‘Gospe od Karmela’


Near Vodice is hill Okit, where the Church Gospa od Karmela is located. This shrine is also a beautiful vantage point. When you’re going to visit the church from the 17th century, stop and enjoy the view that goes to Vodice and the island of Prvic on the one hand, and the island of Zlarin on the other.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the ‘Put Križa’ was built with fourteen chapels, each representing one station of the ‘Križni Put’ (Cross Way). The church was demolished twice, during World War II and during the Patriotic War. The renovation began in 1995.


Rakitnica settlement


This archeological site is mentioned in the 14th century. Today, the remains of former houses and walls built in drywall are monitored from this settlement. Here is the church of St. John the Baptist, which dates from the 15th century. The church and the cemetery have long been in a dilapidated state. Three times a year, Holy Mass is celebrated on the Feast of St. John the Baptist and the first of May.

Old parish church ‘Sveti Križ’ in the cemetery


This church is located in a former local cemetery. It was consecrated in 1421 when it was also a parish church. It is built in the Gothic style and is a wonderful example of rural sacral architecture.

The church was renovated in 1987. There are masses several times a year and it is open to visitors through the summer season.



Just a five minute walk from the Villa TaMana Apartments, there are several beautiful beaches. The most famous are Hangar Beach and Blue Beach. Hangar Beach is rich in amenities. There you can find numerous bars, restaurants, as well as various seafood activities.

The blue beach boasts its tidiness and clear sea, which is why it received the blue flag. In addition to the two mentioned Vodice they have a beach for dogs. For all those who take their pets on vacation. Then the beautiful pebble beaches of Imperial, Male Vrulje, Lovetovo and Vićevica.

Srima -Prižba


The archaeological site preserves two single nave basilicas built at different times. This is why we call them basilicae geminatae or twin or double churches. The north church is older and the south has joined it a little later. This beautiful specimen is located on the site of Srima – Pridžba.




The main source of drinking water was two wells that now adorn the center of Vodice. The upper well is of white stone and the lower of glass walls. The water system of two wells interconnected is unique in the Adriatic. In the summer when the surrounding places had no water, everyone came to Vodice for wells. Head over to the well, ask for something and insert a coin. Maybe the wish comes true.


Coric’s turanj


A unique example of a defense tower. Built in the 16th century. Since the 17th century, it has belonged to the Fondra noble family from Sibenik, who renovated the building for housing.

In addition to these, Vodice has many other surprises to visit. Anything that interests you, the Villa TaMane team will be very happy to assist you. Contact us via the contact form, phone +385 91 521 6095 or email: villatamana@gmail.com.