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Žirje - The most remote inhabited island of the Šibenik archipelago


22 July 2020

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Žirje is the most remote inhabited island of the Šibenik archipelago. Most probably, it was named after the fact that once the whole island was covered with dense oak forest. There are 29 beautiful bays and 17 surrounding islets, reefs, and cliffs, of which the larger and more populated bays are Muna, Koromašnja, Mikavica, Tratinska, and Pečenja. The island is in contact with the Kornati National Park.


How to get to Žirje

Beautiful and untouched nature – a paradise for many boaters. This island, as well as the island of Kaprije, has been bypassed by mass tourism. If you want to spend a wonderful day in an oasis of peace, Žirje is the right place for it. You will visit this island by boat from Šibenik, and along the way, you will sail to the island of Zlarin and the island of Kaprije.


What to visit on Žirje

Numerous coves are located on all sides of the island. If you want to find the ideal one for yourself, explore it by bike. You can travel from one side of the island to the other so easily.

From the cultural heritage, it is recommended to visit the parish church of St. Marija, then a fortress from the 6th century on the site of Gradina and another on the site of Gusterna. There is also a beautiful protected dry stone wall here.


History of Žirje

Throughout history, Žirje has played an important role in the defense of Šibenik. First during the Turkish attack, and later during the Homeland War.


Explore Žirje

When you land by boat in the bay of Mune on the island of Žirje, you will be greeted by scenes from Cuba. Žirje is often called the “Croatian Cuba” because it is full of old cars, manufactured in the former state of Yugoslavia. So instead of “Cadillac”, Yugo and Zastava are driven here.


In the center of the island, there is a local cafe that is the center of events on the island. Refresh yourself with a cold drink and meet the locals who will be happy to tell you about life on the island.

When you get bored with the crowds and Vodice is full of content and events, decide to go on a trip and explore the island of Žirje. Spend the day in the peace and quiet that this beautiful place provides.

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