Bike trails in Vodice


14 May 2020

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Whether you are a professional or recreational cyclist, you can explore Vodice and its surroundings on two wheels. Vodice is rich in bike trails. We bring you a brief overview of what to explore.


If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent one. The Vodice Tourist Board has issued a Bike & Hike map where the map shows a total of nine trails almost 100 kilometers long. This virtual map can be downloaded via QR code from the website of the Tourist Board of the City of Vodice.

Interesting 15 bike trails, fully arranged and marked, with a total length of 350 km, connected to the trails of the wider region, which makes over 2000 km of pure pleasure. Everyone will find something for themselves, from easy family trails to trails for professionals. Nine trails are light recreational, five medium trails which require greater fitness and one that is most demanding trail.

Bike trails in Vodice

The bike trail that takes you into the history of Vodice is the Rakitnica trail. This trail provides an interesting 2 and a half hour ride for the whole family. You can also go to the trail in organised bike tours, where local guide will tell you more about the historythe history. Along the way you will explore the church of St. Elijah the Prophet, the old Roman road, the old Roman spring and the prehistoric settlement of Arauzon and the church of St. John the Baptist.


Church of St. Elijah the Prophet is located in the former settlement of Pišće, which is first mentioned in 1298. The church from 1493 is dedicated to St. Elijah the prophet, and around it remains a former cemetery. In 2005, the church was renovated, and once a year, on July 30, there is a Holy Mass on the parish’s votive day.

In the settlement of Rakitnica, which is mentioned first in 1311, there is the church of St. John the Baptist.The church was built in 1445 in honor of St. John the Baptist. Holy Mass is celebrated here three times a year, on the feasts of St. John the Baptist and with the first  day of May. On a draft from 1746, it can be seen that the church had three windows on the front and a bell tower.


The rich archeological settlement of Arauzona hides about a hundred tombs, some of which date from the fourth century BC. The settlement was bordered by ramparts, built of crushed stone. Some dwellings had truncated cisterns in the stone to collect rainwater.

The medium difficulty trail that hosts the World MTB XCO Cup since 1999 and one of the most attractive and demanding MTB trails in Croatia is Orlov Krug. It is consisted out of ascents and steep descents, but offers an unforgettable view of Vodice and the islands. For all adrenaline lovers, this is an indispensable track.

Faust’s island Prvić and VodiceTribunj are also easy family and research trails. You board the ferry and spend a beautiful day on the island of Prvić. Or visit a kilometer long natural beach between Tribunj and Vodice.

The most demanding trail is the Tajne Prokljana trail. The only difficult trail with a total length of 66.8 km, where the places Guduča, Skradin and Trtar will be managed only by those in the best physical condition.

If you are a fan of two-wheeled driving, you will not regret choosing Vodice for your destination. Everyone here will find the right trail and explore nature, history and places in a completely different way. Choose a path by the sea or steep through the woods. Make the most of your time in Vodice.


For all information about trails, bike rental or how to access certain places you can contact our staff of Villa TaMana who will be very happy to help you and guide you in everything that interests you.